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First United main front door is accessed by five exterior steps. The main lower hall entrance is also down a flight of steps. There is universal access to the main areas of the facility through the use of an elevator lift that reaches the lower hall, main sanctuary and church office levels (accessed through the door closest to the City Hall - far right of the front of the church). The chancel, choir loft, and gallery are accessed by stairs.


The sanctuary seats no more than 280 people in the main nave, a bit less than 100 in the two transepts, a bit more than 100 in the gallery, and about 30 in the choir loft. Please note that you may find seating more comfortable if you opt for smaller numbers than these.


The lower hall can seat 142, or allows for about 300 to mingle comfortably.


For more information on rental fees, please contact the church office (634-5301) 

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