First United Church

***We have begun in-person services again . Due to current Public Health regulations surrounding social distancing in public buildings, registration for Sunday worship is encouraged as we still have limited capacity..Please contact the office before noon on Friday if you wish to sign up for that week. Detailed guidelines are outlined at the bottom of this page.


Please click on the links below to download a PDF version of the the bulletin. The bulletin text  for this week also appears as usual below.


          Sunday July 25, 2021------->


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         Sunday June 20, 2021 -------->



First United Church

July 25, 2021    




Call to Worship:                                     (adapted from Psalm 94)

L:   Whenever I feel my foot slipping, God’s faithful love steadies me.

P:  When anxieties multiply, the Lord gives me comfort.

L:   The Lord is my fortress; my rock of refuge.


Hymn:   If You Will Trust God to Guide You          VU 286 v. 1, 2

Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Presence

Message:  Close to Home

        (reading from 2 Samuel 11: 1 – 18, 26, 27)

Offertory Prayer/Lord’s Prayer

Hymn:   The Church of Christ in Every Age    VU 601  v. 1,2,3,5





Today’s message is on a difficult topic. Because it involves a part of our self identity it’s a very painful subject to to confront – much less to change. As with every other week I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do hope that at least some points will be on target, and that folks will go home and think about it.  jvv



Local:  In loving memory of parents Harry and Mary House by Carolyn and Austin


Singing: We’re hoping that more changes will soon be on the way, but there has been one small change in restrictions for now: those wanting to sing can now do so. You still need to keep your mask on – but you can sing along.  


Next Week: Rev van Vliet will be away for a few weeks, so on August 1st everyone is encouraged to attend Humber United. The following week, August 8th, the service will be held here.



Office Summer Hours:  

      Tues – Thurs 9am – 1pm; Friday 9am – noon


Flower Service:  Townsite Cemetery Flower Service will be today, July 25th @ 2pm


West Haven Camp:  Registration is now open for Day Camps. Email westhavencampnl@gmail.com for information. There are still opportunities for volunteers (age 15 and up).

Financial donations to this ministry are always welcome. There are envelopes available at the back if you wish to contribute.









Please note the updated regulations below for Alert Level 2 beginning on Saturday March 27th. Our church is now open under the new guidelines. Registration is encouraged for each Sunday until further notice.



Update May 2021 -

Though we are allowed up to 50% capacity at this time, we are still limited in space. In order to accommodate proper social distancing our seating is still limited to about 65. Pre-registration for Sunday Services is no longer required but is strongly encouraged.  Please contact the office to register. Signing up at the door is still required for contact tracing purposes.

New mask regulations: 

Physical distancing protocols are still in place as with the earlier directives, with the following updates from Public Health:

1. Everyone (unless exempt) must wear a mask to worship (including         clergy and leaders. except when speaking at the pulpit).

2. Masks must remain in place at all times while you are in the building.

3. There will be no congregational singing, however  you may hum along quietly with the music. The words to the hymns will be printed in your bulletins.

Reopening Sunday Worship

First and Foremost: If you have any of the following symptoms: fever above 38 C, a new or worsening cough, sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhea, or a loss of sense of taste or smell – please stay home and call your doctor, or # 811.

1) We are now allowed up to 50% capacity, but still have to be social distanced, registration is strongly encouraged, please do so by NOON FRIDAY for Sunday's service. Please arrive by 10:40am on Sunday morning to allow us time to seat everyone.

2) Please bring your own mask. Some masks will be available but bring your own if you’re able. Masks are required (unless medically exempt) at all times while you are in the building.

3) The church building will open using only the main (West Street) doors. The other doors will still comply with fire code as emergency exits, but everyone is encouraged to use one door.)

4) Please maintain social distancing as you line up to enter. (6+ feet, or 2 metres)

5) Please do not gather downstairs prior to or after the service.

6) Bulletins are on the table just inside the sanctuary.

7) On your way to a pew please try to touch as few surfaces as possible. This
includes doorposts, walls, pew backs, etc.  

8) Please do not enter pews that are taped off. Open pews are clearly indicated, and are at least 6+ feet, or 2 metres apart.

9) Current regulations mean that congregational singing is not allowed. For   now we’ll play a few verses and invite you to hum along quietly or follow along in your head.

10) At the end of the service the minister will not go to the door to shake   
hands. Please do not shake anyone else’s hand either.

11) Please leave your offering in the jar on the table in the foyer.

12) The washroom in the lounge is available. Downstairs washrooms are open in an emergency but we’re trying to limit folks from traversing the building.


Thank you for coming!

We hope you felt blessed by gathering together

There will not be a service held at First United on Sunday, August 1st 2021.

Humber United will have a service at 11:30am, you are welcome to join them

in person or live on their Facebook page.


Please remember that First United strives to be a scent free facility.

Church business (general inquiries, committee info,

bulletin announcements, etc.) should be directed to the Office Administrator.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  1:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Friday  9 am – 12 pm. 

Closed Mondays


We are able to receive bulletin announcements until noon on Thursdays.

Rev. van Vliet is usually in the church offices

Monday through Thursday afternoons.

He tries to take Fridays off.

If you have a pastoral need call 634-5301 or

feel free to email, or drop in to the office.